about rachel

Rachel Harris ATP® (Angel Therapy Practitioner®) is a gifted intuitive, psychic, clairvoyant, medium, healer, writer, and a Mom. She has introduced Angel Healing into the healing community and to the forefront of Reconnect Healing. She has trained with renowned author and Angel Therapy teacher, Doreen Virtue PHD, of Angel Therapy.com. Rachel has also trained at the North Shore Centre of Spiritual Living (formerly known as the West Coast Institute of Mystic Art) in North Vancouver and Vancouver’s Langara College, qualifying in psychic development, mediumship and clairvoyance studies. She is also a student of Healing Touch (Levels 1 and 2) and Usui Reiki, working towards becoming a Master.

Rachel is dedicated to helping people heal themselves and reach their full potential as a joyful, loving, peaceful and powerful being. She also has the gift of channeling, which she uses for writing and e-mail readings. During face to face and phone sessions she prefers to be fully in the moment and connected to you.

“My life purpose is to empower and help as many people as possible to heal themselves. My job is to reconnect children, parents and individuals to their own great power, intuition and psychic gifts given to each and every one of us. I am guided to help heal people from injury, sickness, tragedy and unhealthy habits and occurrences from this lifetime and past lifetimes. I am honoured to help you, or someone you love, feel whole, complete and stay connected to Spirit, your higher self, and your celestial team. Everyone big or small has a team of angels, spirit guides, animal guides, healing guides, and past loved ones who are just waiting to jump into action and help us. All you have to do is ask!”

Rachel also works with archangels, ascended masters, power animals and elementals such as fairies, tree spirits, and unicorns.

“There is so much help around us, it amazes me. If we can open our hearts and minds, even to a fragment of these immense possibilities, then we can begin to heal ourselves, others and situations to the benefit of all of life, here on earth.”