angel healing / angel readings

At Reconnect Healing we offer a special form of energy healing called Angel Healing.

Angel Healing helps you to feel complete, whole, connected and full of peace, joy and love. This is where we pass on messages and guidance to you or for those you love from your angels, guides and past loved ones that help you reconnect your body, mind and soul. That means guidance about all areas of you life including your health, lifestyle, relationships, finances, work, life purpose and issues and challenges to be healed. Your angels guide us to perform energy healing, either directly or from a distance.

It is profound and yet feels so gentle and safe as your ‘celestial team’ go straight to the issues that need to be healed – even those left over from our past lives, that still effect us today. Not only do they offer energy healing to relieve stress, pain and anxiety but also guidance as to how to change any aspect of your life. They sometimes show or tell you how it has manifested in a certain way and how you can heal yourself.

By knowing why this has come about, you can work through issues to heal yourself and prevent it happening in the future by staying connected to your higher self, your intuition and your team of angels, guides and past loved ones.

Your angels are waiting patiently to be asked to help you. When they are called into action, they respond instantly. Your prayers, thoughts, meditations are always heard, and from the moment you are guided to contact us for an Angel Healing session or reading, you will be receiving many messages of love, support and guidance.

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