reconnect community

We are committed to building an open, supportive and uplifting community where people can exchange ideas, share, learn and feel at home meeting and discussing fascinating spiritual topics and concepts. Please check out upcoming events and workshops.

We also know of and work with some gifted lightworkers. Please check out our recommendations.

Recommended light workers and practitioners:

Doreen Virtue, PHD

Marielle Croft, Astrologer
Vancouver - 604 873 5963

Jonni O’Connor, Modern Meditations
& Internal Memory Recall

Vancouver - 604 733 9111

Dr Tonya Tyre, Chiropractor
& Medical Intuitive

WhiteRock & North Vancouver - 604 785 9463

North Vancouver - 604 924 9642

Cora Van Wycke, CranioSacral Therapy
& Healing Touch

604 803 7347