'the reconnect' newsletter

November 2008

Hello Angel Friends!

Welcome to the very first Reconnect Newsletter. There’s lots of new angel activity and news to tell you! First of all, I am delighted to announce the launch of our Reconnect Healing website. Please explore. You will see there are some new services as well as existing ones.

Angel Healing
Angel Healing helps you feel complete, connected, empowered and full of peace, joy and love. This is where we pass on messages of love, support and guidance and perform healing as instructed by your angels, guides, ascended masters and past loved ones. It is profound and yet feels so gentle and safe as your ‘celestial team’ goes straight to the issues that need to be healed, even those from a past life. Through us, not only do they offer energy healing to help relieve stress, pain and anxiety but also guidance and simple practical tools to help any aspect of your life.
Angel Gatherings
Angel Gatherings. Join like-minded friends in an informal, fun, relaxed and safe space to meditate and share spiritual and angelic experiences, ideas and stories. Occasionally, we will also invite guest speakers to entertain and empower us. You may also receive some messages from your angels and guides too! Our first ever Angel gathering is on Thursday 27th November, at 7pm in North Vancouver. Please contact Rachel at 604 928 3420 or mailto:rachel@reconnectyou.ca for more details and bookings. Also check out our events page.

Please also enjoy our weekly Angelic Message. Rachel channels messages
for you from Archangels, angels, ascended masters and guides. Here is your message for this week.

With Christmas just around the corner, we have some special offers to entice
you! Why not buy you, or someone you love, a gift certificate for an
Angel Healing or an Angel Party!:

Christmas Gift Certificate
Special Offer
One   Angel Healing NOW $118
(Regular $158 - SAVINGS of $40)

Two  Angel Healings NOW $228
(Regular $316 - SAVINGS of $88)
Three Angel Healings NOW $348
(Regular $474 - SAVINGS of $126)

Four  Angel Healings NOW $468
(Regularly $632 - SAVINGS of $164)

Regular charges include donation to a community program

Angel Party Gift
When you book an Angel Party as a gift for Christmas, there is no booking fee.