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February 2009
Hello Angel Friends!

It has been a very busy start to 2009. People are trying many ways in which to help them stay calm, peaceful and joyful in a seemingly turbulent world. This is our true state of being and the angels constantly remind us of this and the many ways in which we can achieve this. One powerful way is through gratitude by being thankful for what we do have and staying positive during times of change and seeing seemingly 'bad' news as new opportunities to be aligned with Spirit.

This is one of the hardest things to do and we were honored to meet an inspiring woman, who reminded us of this. Cheryl, became our first recipient of the Community Program and her empowering story, is edited below and in full on the website. Thank you to all those who generously give to the Community Program allowing people like Cheryl, the opportunity to understand life lessons, receive unconditional love and support, and break habits or beliefs through Angel Healing. We all deserve to remember who we truly are and why we are here and graciously accept help when we need it and give it when we can. Through giving, we receive powerful feelings of love and joy and we also align ourselves to the Universal Law of Attraction. Come along to the next Angel gathering to find out more...

Angel Gathering Thursday 19th March, at 7pm in North Vancouver.

Join like-minded friends in an informal, fun, relaxed and safe space to meditate and share spiritual and angelic experiences, ideas and stories. We shall be discussing the Law of Attraction, giving and receiving abundance of good. You may also receive some messages from your angels and guides too! Please contact Rachel at 604 928 3420, or email rachel@reconnectyou.ca for more details and bookings. Also check out our events page.

Cheryl, first recipient of Reconnect Healing's Community Program

"My friend Susan heard Rachel's name mentioned on Coast to Coast radio. She checked out the website and felt so uplifted and inspired that she emailed the link to me.  She thought maybe I would feel inspired too.  Susan is an Angel.  I clicked on the link and seen this beautiful fairy. I was feeling particularly faithless in that moment having just lost my job, facing eviction, looking for work, trying to feed myself and my pets that I decided that I would email her and ask for a prayer for strength and truthfully did not expect anything back....".  Read Cheryl's full story

I shall be away in Hawaii from 24 Feb seeing my teacher, Doreen Virtue. I'll be back 9th March 2009.

Angel Blessings,