'the reconnect' newsletter

April 2009
Hello Angel Friends!

Happy Spring! It is a time for transition, growth and planning new activities. Many people are finding it a challenging time with physical, mental and emotional changes occurring. The messages I've been receiving from Spirit, angels and guides is that it's a kind of Spring Clean, making space for the new. We are advised to observe, learn, trust and choose to accept the new or go back to the old. If we go back to the old ways we will have to go through the Spring Clean again until we accept the new. This is not always easy to do as it requires trust, an open heart and mind and an alignment to our spirit and Creator.

If we make just one small step towards this alignment, even if it's just setting the intention without fully understanding what this alignment is, then the Universe will assist us in the flow of life and get us to the next stage of our journey. Do not worry about fixing it all including the World. Just take it one step at a time. Allow Archangel Michael to assist you on your journey. There is flow and there is ebb. We need the ebb to know what the flow is and the opportunity to face our fears and karma in order to let it all go. Give it to your Creator/God/Spirit or your angels and guides and trust that you ARE dearly loved and taken care of. Take this opportunity to be guided by your intuition. Explore new activities and relationships that interest you. If you don't know what to do then pray, meditate or simply spend some time in nature with the intention of connecting with your spirit. See what thoughts, feelings, visions or information you hear comes your way. Trust in yourself, you are your best teacher!

There's so much happening in the next month, take a look and see what, if anything, interests or intrigues you and come along. It would be lovely to see you!

Angelic Audience Reading at UTOPIA, North Vancouver, Thursday, 23rd April, 7pm

Join Rachel, an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Angel Healing Intuitive and certified medium, for an interesting and entertaining evening of communicating with angels, nature spirits, guides and deceased loved ones. Rachel uses her authentic psychic gifts, including clairvoyance, to connect with and channel loving messages for you and those you love. For more details, please visit our events page.

Angel Gathering Thursday 30th April, 7pm, in North Vancouver

Join like-minded friends in an informal, fun, relaxed and safe space to meditate and share spiritual and angelic experiences, ideas and stories. To celebrate World Fairy Festival, May 2nd, let's share our experiences of the Nature Spirits such as fairies, dolphins and unicorns and how they help us in our lives. You may also receive some messages from your angels, fairies and guides too! Please contact Rachel at 604 928 3420, or email rachel@reconnectyou.ca for more details and bookings. Also check out our events page.

Boys and Girls - Make a magical fairy/leprechaun house and build a HUGE fairy ring

A non-profit playshop for your five- to-seven year olds to celebrate World Fairy Festival, May 2nd, North Vancouver 11:00am to 12:15pm OR 2:00pm to 3:15pm. $25.00. Proceeds after costs of materials go to Sierra Club of BC's Environmental Education Program. To register your child please contact Rachel at 604 928 3420, or email rachel@reconnectyou.ca. For more details, please visit our events page.

Enjoy Spring and maybe see you soon at one of our events!

Angel Blessings,