'the reconnect' newsletter

May 2009
Hello Angel Friends!

Transformation! It's quite a word, full of power and meaning. That's how I feel my life is right now; transforming into whatever amazing possibilities I wish to create. The rhythm of life allows us to take each situation and either allow it to happen, seemingly unwillingly, or to sit with it a while and wait and see what will unfold, or to transform the situation. Whichever way, we choose. Believing and understanding that we do all have amazing possibilities, gives us power and a platform on which to decide what to do. We no longer have to be victims of circumstance or patterns of behaviour. I’m working on transforming seemingly ‘negative’ things in my life into great possibilities. I’m not finding it easy when things first happen but I am getting used to not reacting with ‘old baggage’ and creating a new possibility based on unconditional love. I feel like an awkward albatross learning to fly; a few face plants but eventually I take off!

Our Creator, angels, guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters and nature help us reconnect to our spirit and then our possibilities can be authentic, heart-centred and, therefore, more quickly manifested. We are encouraged to thank the ego, or our 'stories' of the past, for sharing and let them go and start each moment afresh. Our possibilities are boundless when we truly live each moment in the present without the past or future interfering. It’s not easy even to see our great possibilities, let alone create them, when we are blinded by our ‘baggage’ and ‘stories’.

Take responsibility for your life and do whatever you can to remove the past out of your now and the future. Allow others from all realms and dimensions to assist you so you can reconnect to your perfect, whole and complete self. As this is your true state of being. No matter what, you are dearly loved, and if you ask, protected and guided every moment of your life. There are many ways to reconnect such as spending time in nature, meditation, yoga, energy/spiritual healing, exercise, artistic and musical expression, courses and reading books. For example, at the moment I’m committed to meditating daily, connecting with nature, at least, every other day, yoga, running and hiking, playing with my children daily, reading Conversations with God, Book 2, and completing my Landmark Forum in Action seminar series. Through this work, rest and play, I am able to create the possibility of helping as many people as possible heal themselves and to touch and inspire as many people as I can in my life.

Angelic Audience Reading at UTOPIA, North Vancouver, Thursday, 21st May, 7pm and Wednesday 17th June, 7pm

Join Rachel, an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Angel Healing Intuitive and certified medium, for an interesting and entertaining evening of communicating with angels, nature spirits, guides and deceased loved ones. Rachel uses her authentic psychic gifts, including clairvoyance, to connect with and channel loving messages for you and those you love. Please book early as spaces are limited and get booked up. For more details, please visit our events page.

Angel Gathering Thursday 25th June, 7:30pm, in North Vancouver. There is no Angel Gathering in May

Join like-minded friends in an informal, fun, relaxed and safe space to meditate and share spiritual and angelic experiences, ideas and stories. We shall be discussing the angelic realm including Archangels, guardian angels and earth angels! You may also receive some messages from your angels, fairies and guides too! Please contact Rachel at 604 928 3420, or email rachel@reconnectyou.ca for more details and bookings. Also check out our events page.

World Fairy Festival, May 2009

Thank you to all of you who supported our non-profit playshop for five- to-seven year olds to celebrate the World Fairy Festival. We had so much fun making and decorating fairy houses, a huge fairy ring and dancing and playing instruments. Please heck out our web page for photo's. We raised $235 for the Sierra Club of BC's Environmental Education Program.

We are transforming the way we do things at Reconnect Healing.

We are very excited to announce a new sliding scale of prices to match your income or financial situation. They will soon be up on the website so please check in due course. In the meantime, please check with Rachel. We are also grateful to announce that we are expanding the business and are currently looking for appropriate space to share/rent downtown, or Granville Island. If you have any suggestions, or can help us out in any way, please contact Rachel at 604 928 3420, or email rachel@reconnectyou.ca

Continue enjoying Spring and transformation. It would be lovely to see you soon at one of our events!

Angel Blessings,