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September 2011
Hello Friends!

September always brings me feelings of change, excitement, anxiety and a little chaos thrown in there for good measure. For many of us here in the northern hemisphere, after the long lazy days of summer, it's back to school, work and new schedules of activities to juggle.

Last night I was stressing out about "all the things I needed to do, in such a short time." My husband, Paul, was a great sounding board and with his help and my "celestial Team" I was stopped in my tracks. I stopped complaining and laughed at myself for getting my "knickers in a twist" (a quaint English saying). We all resist change and it can manifest in interesting ways. I guess because I'm English the moaning and complaining is an old habit! However, I quickly asked for help and clarity.

I was reminded of people around the world who would love the opportunity of change and of being too busy getting little ones to school and to their activities whilst balancing time for themselves and their own dreams. It brings tears to my eyes when I think and pray for the people of Libya, Somalia, East Africa, Syria, Israel, Palestine, Afghanistan and so many places in the world right now.

Wow, that hits deep and does the trick. How blessed I am for all that I have and all that I am. Now, I don't feel guilty for my feelings for I accept that I am human and I still have a lot to learn. Source and our angels do not want us to feel guilty - it's one of the lowest forms of energy. If you do, give it up to your team of Source, Spirit, angels and guides and remember it's OK, your human. We are born to learn to be who we truly are and to shine as brightly as we choose. I choose to give up the moaning and to shine as bright as this glorious sunny September day. Thank you "team" for helping me shine.

Embrace this time of change, even the chaos. Trust the Universe - it knows what it is doing. You have a plan. Listen to your inner voice, intuition, repetitive thoughts and feelings and ask for courage, if you need it, to take just one step. That's all the universe needs to open those doors and move you along on your journey. Little steps can lead to huge shifts, profound transformation and miracles.

One miracle that happened for me in the summer was that I enjoyed a holiday in England with my birth Mom. I reconnected with her last year after nearly 42 years! My new sister came too with my niece and nephew. It was pure joy to see my boys playing with their "new" cousins. I saw the vision of it early on in the year and took the step of asking Mom and my sister, Anna to come away for a few days. Thankfully they said yes and we all enjoyed a wonderful time that I will never forget. It happened because each of us had the courage to take each step at a time, small ones and seemingly large ones!

I am very excited to introduce some new courses and events that may just help you on your journey. "Bright Shiny Soul:Because we are one" is a program guiding you to reconnect, reveal, renew and rock this world. Find the true you, be shown how to shine brightly even through the shadows. Reveal how intuitive you are, how much help you have and how those challenges have hidden blessings so you can learn, grow and be more joyful, peaceful and experience more love in your life. Come and Celebrate International Angel Day with me on Saturday 10th September and enjoy Reconnect With Your Angels Playshop which will include an outline of my new program.

And not forgetting those of you far away, look out for a new radio show, new on-line course, and new film of me meeting my Mum, all coming soon.

And Remember, I am available for Intuitive Healing sessions via Skype, phone, face to face or email, if it's a question.

If you're guided take that first step. It's my joy to serve you.

Celebrate International Angel Day with Rachel, Saturday, September 10th 2011, at Utopia, North Vancouver from 10AM.

* Private Angel Healing/Readings - $44 for 30 minutes Reconnect to Your Angels Playshop 6:30PM - 9:30PM, $44 including * Channelled Group Healing from Archangels * Intro to NEW Program - Bright Shiny Soul: Because We Are One. Please Bring Notebook, pen, water and cushion. For more details, please visit our events page.

Reconnect with Rachel Group Healing/Channelling Circle at Utopia, North Vancouver, Wednesday, 21 September 2011, 7pm - 9pm

Join Rachel, an International Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Channel/Coach, certified Medium and Angel Therapy Practitioner® for an inspiring, empowering and fascinating evening of healing and revealing with the spiritual realm. Your presence completes the circle. Rachel uses her authentic psychic and healing gifts, including clairvoyance, to channel Source, Archangels, Ascended Masters and guides creating space for you to reconnect, reveal and renew. She channels loving messages and healing energy so you can shine as brightly as you wish. For more details, please visit our events page.

Bright Shiny Soul: Because We Are One at Utopia, North Vancouver, every Wednesday, 28 September - 5 Nov 2011, 7pm - 9pm

Reconnect, reveal, renew and rock this world. Say hi to your soul, because no matter who you are, you have one. Join Rachel, an International Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Channel/Coach, certified Medium and Angel Therapy Practitioner® for a fun, deep, inspiring and transformational weekly Program. Each week for five weeks, Rachel will guide you through a meditation and principals inviting you to practise and meditate on them at home so you can live the life you want and shine as brightly as you choose to. Includes one Reconnect With Rachel Group Healing/Channelling circle.

principle one - Yes! You have a soul, angels, guides and intuition

principle two - Into the Deep: Revealing the true you. Your constructed story vs. your authentic one

principle three - Shadow Busting: Finding the gifts in the challenges

principle four - The F Word and S Word......Forgiveness and Surrender

principle five - Miracles happen! How to attract them and notice them

principle six - Now What? Daily tools for angelic/spiritual connection and shining brighter and rocking harder

For more details, please visit our events page.

With love, light and joy, Rachel