It is an honour to work with you, whoever you are, wherever you come from and whatever your belief is. We are strictly non-denominational. We only ask that you believe in yourself, and the possibility of something greater, even if you do not yet know what that looks like. We particularly like to help families and children too.

Angel Healing / angel readings

Your angels are waiting patiently to be asked to help you. When they are called into action, they respond instantly... Learn more >>

energy healing & reiki

Sometimes energy gets stuck or there is a void of energy in our bodies. This is caused by... Learn more >>

chakra clearing

This is a profound and yet gentle clearing meditation for the main chakra points. We are ‘shown’ inside your chakra’s to see... Learn more >>

angel parties

Celebrate the Angels, fairies, guides and the wonders of our universe by arranging an Angel or Fairy party for you and your friends. We come to you, clear the space and bless the space using... Learn more >>


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Gift certificates can be bought for any services but Angel Gatherings, which are by donation only.


Mediumship is the ability to communicate with our deceased loved ones. Sometimes past loved ones appear, especially those that have decided to be a guide for us, or those that have recently passed over and want to help us heal from our loss... Learn more >>

past life healing

Our past lives often hold the key to issues that appear in our present lives, sometimes repeatedly. The angels wish to help us break negative cycles or settle karma, or accept karma. ... Learn more >>

In person sessions

in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Phone sessions and Skype Sessions

and email questions are all available. Wherever you are in the world your angels and guides are always with you and can communicate with us at Reconnect Healing.

Reconnect With Rachel - Channelled Healing Circle

Every month, in North Vancouver, come and join the circle. You complete it. Let Rachel be your guide and channel for an inspiring, transformational and fun evening of communication with the Spiritual Realm. She is an International Intuitive Healer/Spiritual Channel, certified Medium and Angel Therapy Practitioner®. Rachel uses her authentic psychic gifts, including clairvoyance, to channel Source, Archangels, Ascended Masters and guides creating space for you to reconnect, reveal and renew. She channels loving messages and healing energy so you can shine as brightly as you choose to. Occasionally she travels and does them in other locations. For more details, please visit our events page.

* NEW PROGRAM Bright Shiny Soul: Because We Are One

Reconnect, Reveal, Renew and rock this world! Say hi to your soul because regardless of what you think about yourself, you have one. Join Rachel, an International Intuitive Healer, Channel, Teacher, certified Medium, and Angel Therapy Practitioner® for a fun, deep, inspiring and transformational weekly Program. Each week, Rachel will guide you through a meditation and principles inviting you to practise and meditate on them at home. Live the life you want and shine as brightly as you choose to. Includes a Healing with Rachel, one Reconnect With Rachel Group Channelled Healing Circle and certificate. For more details, please visit our events page.