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July 2009
Hello Angel Friends!

One of my persistent complaints is that I don’t have enough time to do everything I want. So, of course, I never have enough time to do all that I want! Through transformational education that I’m currently engaged in and daily meditation and communication with the Universe this is now a past complaint. Time is only an illusion, a man-made concept in order for us to organize our lives, and now I always have enough of it. At the beginning of the year I made a promise to myself and Spirit that I surrender totally and allow myself to be guided and to be, simply be. Through this act of committing to surrendering every ounce of all that I am to the highest good of all, taking action on guidance and affirming every day that I have an abundance of all that is good, I now have abundance of all that is good, including time.

You have the power to create whatever you want in your life whether it be time, love, an exciting career, amazing relationships, good health, joy, etc. Start with what is closest to your heart in this moment and commit to transforming yourself so that you are aligned to your soul and reconnected to your Spirit and celestial team of angels and guides. Listen to your spirit and team, what are you guided to do? What dreams and aspirations have you had or haven’t had for a long time? Give them a dust over and a new breath of life. You deserve it. Only when we are aligned to our true self and come from the heart, do we have the power and love to overcome fear and create all that we want, for ourselves and others.

This week, I start teaching and I am so excited to be a stand for others healing themselves and reconnecting to Spirit, Angels and Guides. When we are born, we have a team of angels and guides whose job is to remind us of our loving power and who we really are. As we grow up we acquire more angels and guides to assist us on our life path. It’s going to be fun and an honour to work with anyone who wishes to reconnect and work with Spirit and their celestial team! (Wednesday 8th July, Utopia)

If you feel guided to the possibility of transforming areas of your life, then please come to a special celebration of healing, transformation and power on Thursday 23rd July. You and I will create the spiritual guidance and you and Landmark Education will create the introduction of the possibility of a safe forum in which to transform. This is not the only way to transform and heal as there are many ways to access this power. Landmark Education offers it in an cost-effective, empowering and supportive group environment. For me, it was like finding the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle. If you feel drawn to it then come and find out more at this free event.

Reconnect to your Spirit, Angels & Guides Workshop at UTOPIA, North Vancouver, Wednesday, 8th July, 7pm

Join Rachel, an intuitive healer, transformational teacher, medium and Angel Therapy Practitioner® certified by Doreen Virtue in a fun-filled evening introducing you to your celestial team of Spirit, angels and guides! Through meditation, meet your angels, guides and your true self. Learn how to clear your chakras, work with Archangel Michael, cut psychic cords, heal with nature, shield yourself and align with spirit and Source. Begin to open and develop your own intuition, psychic abilities, manifestation gifts and loving power. Please bring a notebook and pen. Crystals and cards will be provided for the evening. For more details, please visit our events page.

Angelic Audience Reading at Utopia, North Vancouver, Wednesday 15th July, 7pm

Join Rachel, an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Intuitive Healer/Teacher and certified Medium, for an interesting and entertaining evening of communicating with angels, nature spirits, guides and deceased loved ones. Rachel uses her authentic psychic gifts, including clairvoyance, to connect with and channel loving messages for you and those you love. Please book early as spaces are limited and get booked up. For more details, please visit our events page.

Celebration of Healing, Transformation and Power, West Vancouver, 23rd July, 7pm

Join Rachel, an intuitive healer, transformational teacher, medium and Angel Therapy Practitioner®, and Landmark Education for an evening to celebrate and to explore the possibilities of healing, transformation, loving power and living an extraordinary life. For more details, please visit our events page.

Create as much time as you want to enjoy this glorious summer! It would be lovely to see you soon.

Love,light and blessings,